How Do You Lose Weight With Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT)?

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Did you know that what we call “baby fat” could possibly hold the secret to weight loss?

The proper name for “baby fat” is brown adipose tissue (BAT) or brown fat. Babies have brown fat to help keep them warm when it gets cold. As you get older, these brown fat stores become less and is replaced by a shivering response. Bears have the same type of fat which keeps them warm in the winter while they hibernate. This is a good type of fat.

Since adults have less brown adipose tissue and more white adipose tissue (WAT), how is is possible to harness the power of brown fat to help lose weight?

This is the question that is being answered in this article. If you’re overweight and your desire is to lose some pounds then read on and see how this can help you.

How Does Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) Work?

Your body has two main types of fat – brown adipose tissue and white adipose tissue. The white adipose tissue is the fat everyone knows and does not want. Too much of this type of fat is the cause of obesity and when it is located in and around the midsection, you’re at a risk for heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.

While the white adipose tissue is made up of fatty acids, brown fat is packed with iron-rich mitochondria which gives it the brown color. This mitochondria absorbs sugar and white fat cells and break them down to make energy in a process called thermogenesis.

In order for brown adipose tissue to work, it has to first be activated. Remember that adults do not have much BAT so this is the reason why obesity is such a huge problem. Lean people have more BAT than over-weight people and women have more than men.

Even though brown adipose tissue levels might be low, there are ways to boost these levels. The good news is that some white adipose tissue can even be “recruitable” and overweight people have high levels of WAT. Recruitable brown fat can also be found in muscles.

How To Recruit and Boost Brown Fat Levels

When you boost your brown fat levels, your body becomes a fat burning machine and you’ll be able to burn through unwanted white fat thus becoming much leaner and more healthy.

Brown fat is activated when you get cold as it produces heat to help maintain body temperature in cold conditions. You can boost brown fat in your body in a number of ways.

  • Take cold showers or ice baths
  • Exercise
  • Eat foods that activate and boost brown fat

Since brown fat kicks into action in cold conditions, taking a cold shower or ice bath (whichever one is more tolerable), can activate brown fat and start the process of thermogenesis.

Studies have shown that exercise stimulates hormones that activate brown fat.

There are certain nutrients in plants and other food sources that can target recruitable brown fat providing a boost in brown adipose tissue. The more you have, the better your body will get at burning white adipose tissue making you leaner. An example of such nutrient is luteolin, a flavonoid that is found in lemons, perilla and kohlrabi.

So if you want to turn your body into a fat burner, turn down the temperature, get some exercise and eat brown fat boosting foods.

Brown Fat Boosting Supplements

Another way to boost brown fat levels in the body would be to use diet supplements that are formulated to do just that. Some supplements contain nutrients from foods that boost BAT.

One such supplement is Exipure which is a blend of 8 nutrients and plants all backed by clinical research. The supplement contains:


All these plants and nutrients are naturally occurring and besides boosting brown adipose tissue, they also provide a number of other health benefits. These health benefits range from relieving stress, easing digestion and bloating to supporting healthy cholesterol and blood sugar. These are all great benefits when you’re trying to lose weight.

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Brown adipose tissue could be the secret to treating obesity. Your body already has brown adipose tissue even if there are low levels and you could also recruit and boost it to build even more.

By activating brown adipose tissue, you could start the process of thermogenesis where BAT uses white adipose tissue, that fat you want to get rid of, as fuel to burn calories.

This is how you’re able to lose weight with brown adipose tissue. Simple things like taking a cold shower, exercising and eating foods rich in BAT boosting nutrients can help you activate brown fat. You can also choose to take a supplement which is rich in BAT boosting compounds.

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